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Genius 5″x8″ Touchpad Tablet for Professional

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5” x 8” Touch Pad Tablet for professionals

MousePen M508X

5” x 8” Touch Pad Tablet for professionals

Genius introduces a new generation touch pad tablet – MousePen M508X. This elegant 5” x 8” tablet provides a unique touch pad and offers a simpler, more natural way to control your work, and with a palm rest around the working area, designers can work long hours comfortably. The 5120 LPI high resolution and 2048 level pressure sensitivity pen meet your most professional grahpic demands. MousePen M508X also has four express keys to help your working efficincy, instant access to eraser, undo, open a new layer, or choose the brush type. This tablet is great for both Windows and Mac users to write, draw, sketch and sign emails through the bundled software. A special pen clip area is built-in for easy storage. MousePen M508X is the best choice for artists and designers.