j5create Mini DisplayPort to 4k DisplayPort/4k HDMI/DVI


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The j5create JDA173 Mini DisplayPort to 4k DisplayPort/4k HDMI/DVI Adapter allows you to quickly and easily connect your Mac or PC to an external monitor, HDTV, projector or other display device using DisplayPort, HDMI or DVI. 3 different output signals in a single adapter provides maximum flexibility for connecting almost any display.



* Connect the display to one of the DisplayPort/HDMI/DIV output ports.
* Supports resolutions up to DisplayPort 4k@60Hz; HDMI 4K@30Hz; DVI 1920×1080@60Hz
* DP++ Dual Mode DisplayPort Adapter
* Supports Audio using DisplayPort/HDMI
* Perfect for MAC and Surface
* Compatible with Intel® Thunderbolt™ devices that are capable of outputting a DisplayPort signal
* No software/drivers required




Connector Type



Host Interface DisplayPort Male Connector
Video Interface DP (20 pin) Female Connector
HDMI (19 pin) Female Connector
DVI –D (25 pin) Female Connector

Physical Specifications

Housing Material Plastic
Dimensions Main body: 60(W)x 60(H)x15(D) mm
Cable length: 10mm


Approximately 45 g


Storage Temperature


Storage Humidity

85% non-condensing

Operation Temperature 0~40°C
Operation Humidity 85% non-condensing

System Requirements

* DisplayPort v1.2 required on graphics card or video source to support 4k x 2k @60 resolution
*DP++ port (DisplayPort ++) required on video card or video source (DVI and HDMI pass-through
must be supported)

Package Contents

* JDA173 Mini DisplayPort to 4k DisplayPort/4k HDMI/DVI Adapter


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